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Industrial Sandblasting in Easton Canton, Akron, Alliance and surrounding area

Sandblasting is a high-velocity abrasive and is great for removing all surface imperfections. In general, it is the most common form of media-blasting because it can remove stubborn paint, thick rust, and built up debris that soda blasting and glass blasting can’t. The team at Blast-tech knows that this media is best used on durable surfaces such as steel, cast-iron, brick, stone, and concrete due to its aggressive nature.

Transform your backyard patio

Blast-Tech is well-experienced with sandblasting and has perfected their technique over the years. They have performed sandblasting on a countless number of Alliance patios and hard-wearing patio furniture such as metal chairs, lounge chairs, and tables. Not only will sandblasting bring your outdoor patio back to life, but it will also create an elegant area for social gatherings. Your backyard is sure to become your neighborhoods new hot spot for barbeques and parties for years to come.

Industrial equipment

Blast-Tech also uses sandblasting on many bigger projects including forklifts, dump trucks, cranes, oil tanks, and other heavy commercial and industrial equipment. Not only will the removal of rust give your business a clean and professional flare, but it will also allow your machines to operate more efficiently and will add years of life to your equipment

Get a logo

Don’t already have a logo for your construction business? Sandblasting your work truck is a great opportunity to add one. Sandblasting creates a smooth and even surface that is ready for a logo design in no time. A logo is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to generate business and get your company noticed.


Thanks to sand blasting, the endless hours of sanding and scraping your industrial equipment by hand are finally over and done with.