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Abrasive Blasting Methods: East Canton, Akron, Alliance and surrounding area

What is corn cob grit?

Corn cob grit is a low-density granular product made from crushed corn cobs. If you are a pet owner, chances are you already use this highly absorbing grit for your cats litter box or bedding for your bird, hamster, rabbit, or guinea pig.

But the use of corn cob grit extends far beyond the domestic setting. The team has removed dirt and debris from wood and aluminum substrates, oil rigs, and mining equipment easily using corn cob grit. Since corn cob grit is finely ground, it won’t harm any underlying material, making it perfect for historical buildings, log cabins, and antiques.

What is walnut shell grit?

You’ve probably already guessed it, walnut shell grit is made from finely ground walnut shells. Since walnut shell grit does not generate as much heat, it isn’t as aggressive as other medias. It’s softness of particles makes it perfect for soft metals and delicate molds. It is gentle enough to polish gem stones and jewelry and can also be used on a wide range of industrial materials such electric motors and aircraft engines.

Graffiti Removal

Not only is graffiti unsightly, but it may turn perspective clients away from your business. Blast-Tech has removed unwanted graffiti easily thanks to walnut shell grit and corn cob grit.

Advantages of corn cob and walnut shell grit?

What is soda blasting?

Soda blasting is a high-pressure and eco-friendly blasting media specially formulated with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Blast-Tech has restored countless numbers of automobiles, boats, and fleet equipment in the Alliance area back to their original state using this abrasive.

What is glass blasting?

Glass blasting is also a high-pressure and eco-friendly blasting material and is made of 100% broken glass bottles. The sharp, angular pieces of glass are strong enough to cut through thick layers of rust, old paint, and grime.

Time to get your car back on the road and boat back on the water

Over time, the harsh elements of wind, rain, and snow can do a number on your car and boat’s exterior. Paint may begin to rust, chip, discolor, or fade when not properly maintained. You may be standing in your garage wondering if your 1991 Chevrolet could ever possibly be restored back to its former glory or if the S.S. Voyager in the shipyard will ever sail the high seas again. Luckily, honesty is Blast-Tech’s number one policy. If your car or motorcycle is beyond restoration, their team will advise you not to go forth with the restoration process. Your budget and satisfaction is Blast-Tech’s top concern. Cars with one “wheel” already in the grave are sometimes better off in the junkyard.

Get “blasted”

Since 1980, the team at Blast-Tech has been restoring antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles back to their original state of elegance using the highest quality paint and protective coatings. Everybody who brings their vehicle to Blast-Tech drives away looking like they’ve been “blasted” into another decade.

Advantages of soda blasting and glass blasting